Friday, 3 July 2015

Becoming a Teacher Trainer

Hi everyone,

I'll soon be at Bell in Cambridge where I'm going to attend the course "Becoming a Teacher Trainer".

In 2004 I took a 400-odd-hour course on Teacher Training (FormaciĆ³n de Formadores) funded by the Servef (Valencian Service of Employment and Training). I learnt a lot thanks to it, particularly about group dynamics. The course, however, was too general in scope due to the fact that it was aimed at unemployed college and university graduates from very different backgrounds - in our 15-people group there was a biological engineer, a cook, a math teacher, a musician... - and consequently there were not even two participants with similar professional profiles.

If I was to help my school meet the needs of our CLIL teacher learners, the knowledge I gained 11 years ago needed to be updated and complemented. As the course at Bell is aimed at English teachers, I'm confident I'll come back being a more useful asset to our school and its staff and students.

Bye for now ;-)


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