Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Digest of first days on the BTT course - Part 1

First days on Bell's Becoming a Teacher Trainer (BTT) course at Homerton College, Cambridge (part 1)

July 26th, arrival Sunday

I'm in the West House, room 337
I got to the college in the afternoon, unpacked and got ready for the event Bell had prepared for us course attendants.

Me holding room key and invitation

In the evening, Bell gave a welcome buffet dinner to help us break the ice, make acquaintance and relax. Jim Scrivener, Academic Director, gave us a light-hearted welcome in the lovely English manner.

Jim Scrivener welcoming us

Here have come teachers - of English mostly, but also of other subjects - from all over Europe as well as from Argentina, Australia, Egypt and the US. They have different interests: polish/enrich their English, try new methodologies, keep up-to-date with the use of technology in the classroom and, of course, learn how to teach teachers. 

Those of us whose projects have been approved for European Union funding are particularly interested in establishing a network of cooperation for dissemination, job shadowing activities, virtual swap-shops and the like. I'll let you know more about them in future posts!

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